Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OPI Comet Loves Cupid *Vs* Luscious Cybil

Last Month i blogged about how OPI isnt available  and how i came across this amazing quality nail lacquers by luscious  which i totally love, they have amazing quality products and i keep goin back for more
,By the way their bottles are exact copy of OPI and even some shades too, You can read my previous post Here

So after my last post , i bought this amazing shade of luscuious which is called cybil 03. Its red which has a pink undertone if only two coats applied but after 3 , its perfect Red,

OPI Comet Loves Cupid *


Luscious Cybil

(Google Image)

Dupe OR no Dupe??

You be the judge   



  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to say thank you for blogging about my giveaway! I'm just checking the entries now! Good luck! Thanks for following! Emma :)

  2. This looks hawt, girl. How about trying a hot red lipstick now? :P

  3. I have two lipsticks on my list ..hot pink and red ... Watch out world. :p
    I am too lazy to go out and too poor to online this month.. Lol .. MOMMYY dear where are you!!???


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥