Friday, February 19, 2010

Nivea Lipcare-CareGloss & Shine

 NIVEA Lip Care CareGloss & Shine range has trendy colors, yummy scents! The NIVEA Lip Care CareGloss & Shine comes  in Natural Gloss, Pink Shimmer and Red Glamour,  I have them in pink and natural.


The gloss is shiny, but not sticky and moisturizes really well with just enough color. The pink is quite sheer but applying multiple layers can make the color more intense., These glosses a nice shine to it ,they don't give this wet glossy look though, it isn't sticky or thick, and it doesn't moisturize as well as a regular lip balm, but it does fine.I am really happy to tell you that  "pink" is a real pink and not the frosty pink.The color is pretty sheer, only added a hint of color on my quite pigment lips.So pretty good if you want a natural look.
It Comes in a convenient squeeze tube with a slanted applicator tip , its small and makeup bag friendly.

Ingredients: Caregloss & Shine contains macadamia nut oil, the natural wax of Candelilla leaves, Vitamin E and the all-important glossy pigments.
 so if you want subtle, glossy shine and perfect moisture The Caregloss might be perfect for your everyday use.

Which Lipcare product is in your bag/purse these days?


  1. I love my nivea lip products, not tried this one yet but looks good!
    Thnaks :)

  2. I've only tried the regular balm versions, I'd love to try this in pink! I'll have to pay attention and see if it's available here. Thanks for the review and swatches! =)

  3. yet to try these coz i have many to finish! i am die-hard fan of vaseline rosy lips and carmex cherry balm :)

  4. i have the same...i love these :) very versatile i must say :)

  5. Oh, I tried these and didn't like them so much.. somehow it was too pale and frosty and glittery for me..

    But I love the Nivea lipbalm in cherry and strawberry.. In fact I can't decide which I like better :D

  6. i have the same gloss in natural! it really is a nice lipgloss. i like how it's moisturizing enough that i don't need to use a separate lip balm with this :D xx


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