Monday, February 1, 2010

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 wash mask Cleanser

What does it say:

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash & Mask is a unique cleanser that can be used in two different ways to help keep skin looking clear and healthy - every day.
Use Neutrogena as a daily wash to cleanse away make-up, direct and excess oil and help prevent blemishes.
Use Neutrogena as a weekly mask to cleanse deep down into and pores and condition skin, leaving it soft, smooth and healthy-looking.
As a daily wash: Squeeze a small amount into your palm and add water to work into a foamy lather. Massage into wet face, avoiding delicate eye area, then rinse with water. Suitable for everyday use.
As a weekly mask: Smooth a thin layer over face, avoiding delicate eye area. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse well, removing any remaining traces with cotton wool.

 What Do glossicious say:

Can you say smooth? Because that is sooo what this product does. i wanted to completely clear my spots which I get not so often now since I started to take care of it bit often now ( that includes , moisturizing,cleansing,using face mask once a week ) but I do get dry falky spot if I don't moisturize enough( oh how much I hate them as they always leave a scar which is sooo hard to get rid of )
So i'd been hearing good things about this product. when i first applied it, it felt a bit weird as a cleanser but it felt really refreshing on my skin. after a few days, my skin looked a little better but not huge amounts. i was starting to feel a bit disappointed but not anymore,i've been using like this for a while now, and my skin had totally changed for the better. nearly all my spots are gone,leaveing  my face feeling nice and soft.
I do like the packaging, bright but quite professional looking,I am such sucker when it comes to packaging.Good squeezy tube which allows you to control as much or as little as you need
So how do I use it??? ...!!First the mask , This mask is white with a clay consistency. i leave the mask on a little longer than 5 minutes, almost 7-8 mins  i use it twice a week ,because my skin feels soooo smooth after using it. if you have really oily skin, it would help that too but if your skin is a bit dry like mine then DO-NOT forget to use a good moisturizer afterwards if skin feels little tight.I have sensitive skin too and I've noticed no irritation ,after using it so which is definitely a plus.
Daily Wash. However, it does leave my skin very clean but a little bit dry. I think that if you have greasy skin this would be beneficial The cream is white with a light, pleasant fragrance and it goes on smoothly although it is also pretty difficult to wash off as a daily wash,Massage onto your face and simply rinse with water but always be careful not to get any into your eyes .YESl! its painful
I should warn you, it will give you tingling feeling to skin but I  like the feeling of this I love the feeling of plumping lip glosses too so i liked it.

Summary: A tingly, refreshing and delightful facial mask but not so keen about daily wash..meh


  1. great post, i LOVE this. I also have raw bentonite clay (the main ingrediant) and it works miracles! x

  2. Raw clay is famous is here as well, its so good for skin. U jus gave me an idea for another post ;) thanks .xx

  3. great review! i love this stuff really helps my skin :)

  4. hey i want to knw that is it wil hlp to give acne free skin pimples ? or shld use oil free acne face wash by neutrogena for acne ? plz clr me which product shld use for acne in both .thx

  5. @Anonymous
    I dont have alot of knowledge about acne but i know few tips like drink lots of water ,Another important and often neglected tip for an acne free skin is sleep.Get into the habit of cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face in order to get rid of impurities as well as exfoliating every other week in order to get acne free skin. One more way that you can achieve perfect acne free skin is to always protect your skin from direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions. When you have to go out, and the sun is set high above the sky, make sure that you wear sun block that has, at least, an SPF - 15 UV protection.
    Concult a doctor if you have severe irritation or symptoms


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