Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Benefit Haul+ FOTD: Post-Valentines Look

Hi My lovlies , i stay at home, not most of my time but all of time.
From my valentine post you must have read that am single and i enjoy every minute of it,
but my sister got me signed up for a matrimonial site so lets see how it goes :))

Here is the look i did yesterday, i only did half of my face so next few postures will be showing you half of my face and one eye. if you get scared i warned you :P


First two pictures taken indoor in dressing room with artificial light and third one indoor with natural light(do i look lost? )

Products Used

Orglamix Fig on lid and lower lash line
BarryM dazzle dust in storm from get the look Green set 
(applied on corner in V and blended it on the crease a little)
Barry M glitter Eyeliner in Gold
Blush On E.L.F mellow mauve
coastal scents True Black Gel Liner
Mascara Dior show
(i love this lipstick, i am amazed how different it looks everytime i use it, its so moisturizing and i don't to apply lip gloss to get shine, i really do love it

here you go , my purple look, i seriously love it, as these color made my eye look dramatic yet not so smokey.




moment i was typing xoxo i received my benefit order which i placed in January and thought it was lost. I ripped open the package and ahhh i am so happy and after doing few jumps of joy , back to the package

i ordered
benefit sugar bomb
benefit Dallas
benefit bad gal lash mascara

free samples*
erase paste
sample of Dr feel good
full size silk powder eyeshadow in soft shoulder

cant wait to try them out :D BUT jumps of joy and excitement again!! wanna join??anyone!!??


  1. thats amazing that you get that many free samples!!! thats so good!!

    i love your eye makeup, its mesmerizing!!


  2. wooooo benefit uk dont give out samples like that!

    love the purple eye colour, looks amazing on your skintone! I would just look like id been punched lol x

  3. really? i ordered it from US site as they deliver internationally :) i didn't know bout samples so when i opened the box,, i shrieked with joy.

  4. Was wondering if that was d same Bella lipstick u sported last time! It sure looks different :) Love the pics ;) very thoughtful sister, I shd say....

  5. Hey div, yes its the same bella lipstick I reviewd.I was susrprised too when I applied it tis time, it looked stunning.

  6. Wow thats lovely :) look so pretty.
    do you think that Benefit in the US would ship out samples internationally?

  7. Certainly they do!!I ordered from Us site and am in pakistan , they run different offers , usually mentioned on their homepage. So must check them out whether offer is still valid or expired. When I placed my order they had this full size single eye shadow offer , maybe before shipping,this other samples offer was launched and they slipped in few. :)

  8. OMG...I want Sugarbomb toooooo...!!! Waiting for yr review. U look gorgeous..love the lippie.

  9. cynthia i was beyond excited. cant wait to try them .

  10. Oh Dallas is one of my favorite benefit blushes, I'm so pissed I didn't order that one...I have all the other ones! And some of them aren't that great :(

  11. Ye blog ko kya ho gay hai? Are you fiddling with the theme? Beautiful look. :)

  12. @ rati.. i am tryin to find some decent blog template :? unable to find one. thanks:D

    i m loving Dallas, i believe its gonna complement my skin tone
    which ones you don't recommend>>


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥