Friday, February 5, 2010

Review:E.L.F Prime Plum Mineral Lipctick( not so plum)

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I am not a brand slave when it comes to beauty esp makeup, there are so many brands to explore and try, I do believe in quality though so NO COMPROMISE on tis one. I got so many lipglosses and lipstick that its hard to tell which one is my favorite .. i heart all my lippies .
Okay so i am going to blog about eyes lips face lipstick in prime plum today.I love the formula and the consistency of E.l.f  Mineral lipstick line, it just glides on so smoothly on to the lips with its perfect color pay off. Also, it is long lasting
The packaging looks very professional, it's a sleek black, very sturdy with Elf's logo imprinted on the side. You might want to prime and moisturizer your lips first for more moisture.

Website says:

 Now you can hydrate your lips and get a lasting soft color naturally! This nourishing blend of exotic oils, natural waxes, vitamins and plant extracts create the perfect moisturizing formula. The sleek lipstick has superior color payoff, glides easily onto lips, and is long wearing. Lips stay perfectly hydrated and soft throughout the day for no fuss, lip loving happiness. All our mineral makeup is 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes.

Apply to lips and blend in color for lip hydration. Re-apply as often as desired.

Glossicious says:

 So let me break it down for you
Prime Plum ..Plum? More like is fairly dark and a little brown. It's a nice cool color I would wear under brighter glosses. The coverage is medium, heavier coverage with more layers to make it really dark. This one is very pigmented and very brown (YES!! brown Not Plum)

You can purchase it off ELF's site eyeslipsface for a barging price of £3.50 you can pay a lot more than that for a mineral lipstick.

Lovlies, if you ever get a chance to get your hands on one of these beauties, go and get them  the shades are beautiful and perfect for work, school, date, etc and they are super affordable cruelty free .

Which is your Favorite Eyeslipsface (E.L.F) lippie shade? Any recommendations??


  1. ive just had runway pink delivered =D will go a FOTD with it soon xxx

  2. Great! I really want to try ELF products. They're at target now right? I hope that mine has them! And i totally agree with you. I go for quality over brand name!

  3. @ noobarella

    i missed runway pink ,heard it could be a mac angel dupe. do a fotd :) cant wait


    I have read on ELF facebook fan page target has quite a variety of their products do check them out and i believe they are running free red makeup palette offer with any order as well on their website. if you want i can look up for tat :)))

  4. oh wow! i love browns. Plums and pinks are not too flattering on me. the nam is kind of misleading. :P Plum lippy is brown. :D

  5. i dont own a single plum lipstick, mostly i have are pinks , nudes or browns :/ div did a mac plumful i suppose review or swatch it looked brilliant

  6. Thanks for this! I'm looking for a nice plum colour and while it looks great on their site, everywhere else it looks brown!


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