Friday, February 26, 2010

Diorissime Makeup Palette-SneakPeak

After my post earlier on Diorissime, I’m sure that most of you have figured out that I got my heavily anticipated Diorissime makeup palette by Dior

so Now i will Shut up and let the pictures do the talking

Inspired by John Galliano’s latest collections, this palette combines the most glamorous shades and textures with a luxurious Couture clutch!



This Palette consists of
Diorblush Glowing Color Powder Blush 3.2g + Brush
Eyeshadow 1.25g x 6 colors + 2 Double-Ended Applicators
Mascara Diorshow #090 Black 5ml
Dior Lipgloss #257 Organdi Pink 4ml

 Swatches and my thoughts on the individual shades coming up soon

What do you say? yay or nay ?


  1. wow..


    Definitely Yay from me..
    Would love to see the individual swatch posts..waiting.

    Btw, where exactly did you order it from?if u dont mind telling..

  2. I Love Christian Dior! This Palette is so cute. I would get it the only thing is i'm not to sure about the colours in the palette but I think I'd still be tempted to get it because of all the other goodies! x x

  3. Double yay! Gimme ur postal address! U wont see that by tom.row morning :)

  4. Poornima of course doll, i don't mind sharing . my cousin bought it for me from Singapore airport.Its a limited edition palette from i suppose 2008-2009 collection,

  5. beautiful!! I'm swept away by its beauty.. :)

  6. Gawd!! The palette is so gorgeous. :)

  7. love it :)..

    is it still availabe to buy do you no?

  8. Ooooh, tempting! I like the case it comes in.

  9. YAY!! its soo cool , *jealous* XD

  10. Thanks ladies :D the case is very pretty and to be honest it was first thing which made me get this palette :)
    @ sarbeauty

    isnt tis pretty? i have no idea, as it was brought from Singapore airport but i saw it on some website online. i will send you the web address

  11. omg i am in love with this <3 so pretty!!


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