Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coastal Scents Italian Badger Angle Blush Brush-Review

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I am not easily impressed by blush brushes , But this brush knocked me out on my first application ,the mahogany handle and two-tone bristles, it looks so expensive and beautiful.
I like to use this applying blush , bronzer and contouring.
This brush is a lot smaller than it looks in the picture, but Oh My It works wonders .
This brush is absolutely soft and applies color so beautifully! It offers more control than a regular blush brush,I use this usually for contouring and I love that its dense enough to pick up color wonderfully.blends my contour powder very good, It works great for jaw line and cheek bone.
The bristles are so soft and fluffy that it's easy to blend the contour color out. i usually start with a little and build up as i go along .It has a small brush head, this one gives me great control over it,It's shaped to handle the curves and hollows of our faces well
.it hasn't shed, even after i washed it twice so far, it didn't lose it shape either.

i have read where they say  Italian Badger Angle Blush Brush is a great dupe for MAC 168, If you have tried MAC 168 and this brush  , what would you say?? 

 Its on sale right now on coastal scents website , so Its a good time to pick up one for yourself

 Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $6.99

You Save $8.00!

Okay, okay, so maybe i am not about to start chanting “Italian Badger Angle Blush Brush !! Italian Badger Angle Blush Brush !” But after you try this brush you may not be able to live without it. If you're looking for a nice affordable blush/contour/bronzer brush, this is the one!

Have you tried Italian Badger Angle Blush Brush from coastal scents?? If no then What is your favorite Angled Blush Brush? 



Disclaimer: Coastal Scents send me a voucher and i chose my own products with that, I picked all the products out myself and my reviews aren't not being paid for or influenced by any of that


  1. It reminds me of my Illamasqua blush brush which I LOVE!

  2. I only have one angled one for blush and the name is so worn off i dont knwo who its buy but i think its Illamasqua.

    I use it more for bronzer as i like my blush to be applied with a pointy brush just on the apples of my cheeks! But great post and review!

  3. @ pixie

    i read great reviews about Illamasqua brush, its a pity we dont have this brand here :(

  4. @Tali
    I usually apply brush only on apples of my cheels ,gives me fresh and healthy look, am such a blusher lover..thanks for stopping by at my blog..highly appreciated :)


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