Thursday, February 4, 2010

Christian Dior Replenishing Lip Color in VIP PINK #365

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 Website says:

Devastating femininity, high glamour and Haute Couture come together in Rouge Dior, the bestselling lipstick whose unrivalled formula elevates it to silver-screen standards. The last word for lips that are ultra-luminous, marvelously ripe, perfectly smooth and drenched with moisture. Beautiful, flawless and timelessly chi

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Glossicious says :

Do i have to mention again that a gift from my dad ? you know when i review a high end product jus figure it out that it was gift from my  dad after his trip abroad .By the way he is  going thai land this month i would love if anyone can suggest me some local makeup/ skincare specialties? I have skin 79 in my list but i am open to suggestion

This is the only Dior lipstick I have and hopeful not the last one
It's fantastically pigmented and the gorgeous pink . I would say it is on the cooler side but it flatters my warmer colouring. It has a creamy texture but a sheen finish. It has a shine but no shimmers added. The texture is smooth, very moisturizing for my dry and often chapped lips.I love the texture and subtle shine of this lipstick. It is good for " naturally pigmented" lips and does not appear dry. 
The lipstick is extremely rich and creamy, and hydrating, and stayed on a decent amount of time.
I love this color and I love the feel of this lipstick! The color stays pretty well. But it feels so good on your lips that I don't mind reappling it when ever I feel the urge. The color is great! It is a "violet frosty"kinda pink.. Does it make any sense??
Bright rose/pink with a very slight violet undertone. I was scared that it might look too pink at first but it came out perfect. It's more of a rosy pink than a neon or hot pink. Gives me nice  frosty pink lips if applied one coat but after two more its sooooo pretty pink.
Scent reminds me of floral baby oil. I like it. it makes me happy

( wearing one coat of 365 on lips, i should try two or more )

There are also a wide range of colors available in this line. 

List of new reformulated Rouge Dior shades available :
028 Pink Comedy
066 Diorama
256 Pink Flash
277 Pink Paparazzi
286 Fairytale Mauve
295 Studio Beige
296 Box Office Beige
312 Brown Flashback
334 Amber Camera
357 Gala Pink
365 VIP Pink
386 Fascinating Mauve
395 Beige Festival
413 Brown Award
433 Academy Beige
434 Interview Pink
438 7th Art Pink
445 Pink Suspense
446 Pink Actress
463 All Star Pink
471 Pink Autograph
475 Pink Preview
485 Mauve Selection
516 Naughty Brown
526 Action Red
538 Full Screen Mauve
555 Dolce Vita Pink
565 Diorlywood Pink
568 Pink Scene
626 Brown Ceremony
631 Pink Fiction
648 Stage Red
713 Must See Mauve
717 Brown Image
721 Red Icon
752 Red Premiere
759 Prize Pink
766 Star Fuschia
871 Granville Pink
880 Devilish Pink
882 Pink Legend
976 Plum Plot
999 Celebrity Red

Elegant case. Expensive but who cares? Worth it. Want more colors!  

Do you own Dior lip color?  Which one is your faviourite?


  1. This pink looks so pretty on you!

  2. THat's a gorgeous gorgeous pink. Love it, want it. :P

    And CD? I am so coming to Pakistan to steal this stuff from you. :P

  3. Thanks ladies :D

    And rati ... Please do come .. Lemme know so I can ask dad to bring 2 items of everything he buys now onwards.hehe


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