Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara:Review

Bourjois Paris makes some sincerely great mascaras and I have quite a few on my makeup list that I absolutely Plan to purchase. But i have one mascara i cant stop using , i have few other but bourjois volume clubbing mascara has permanent place in my makeup bag
I absolutely LOVE this mascara,
I personally find that the effect this mascara gives to my lashes is similar to YSL Faux Effet Cils.The good thing about this mascara is the intensity of the colour.You want black, you wil get BLACK.

Volume to get you on the guest list!
Extreme Volume, Ultra resistance
Create your own V.I.P look for extremely striking eyes all night long!
Volume Clubbing Mascara gives you extreme volume, perfect for nights out.
Its patented double-sided brush with its high volume of supple bristles ensures even coverage on the lashes.

Its extremely resistant formula is enriched with vinyl for a look that won’t budge all night!
100% tear and sweat proof.
Tested and loved by clubbers! 

( i applied it and took pic like in 5 mins , didnt have time to seperate them and curl or pamper)

                         The wand does have a super thick brush on the end which distributes loads of mascara, so  care does need to be taken with application.Be sure to remove excess mascara from wand before applying or it will cause a big mess. I don't care much for the thick 'clumpyness'. I love it for the  sweatproof, waterproof, lifeproof formula 

This mascara is good for thickening and darkening my lashes
It does take a little getting used to in the application. You have to sort of dip your lashes in the well and then rotate the brush to comb the mascara through. It's very waterproof but I can take it off easily with any oily eyemakeup remover.
Best way to apply this mascara is to use the flat side to get all the yummy inky blackness onto your lashes, then use the brushy parts to comb through the lashes about a billion times until you're left with perfectly defined, dark lashes. 
I love this mascara. It gives you the closest thing to false lashes that you can get from mascara, in my opinion. The trick is to remember that this is not a mascara that you can just swipe on the go. You have to apply it very carefully, and then use your lash comb quickly afterward because it does go on very thick. But once you get the hang of it, your lashes will look very dramatic.    

What made me buy this mascara??
see for yourself

This is the European Bourjois commercial, in English,Volume Clubbing.
It's another super-cute Ad. This time it's for the newest mascara from Bourjois..
What is your favorite mascara? 


  1. Thanks for reviewing this. Have been umming and aahhing about it for a while now but think I will go ahead and get it :) x x

  2. Hey, Nice review. I have been eyeing this for sometime but was not sure. I generally stick with maybelline. But will try it out :D

  3. I'm utterly in love with this mascara. A must try but it needs practice for perfect application.


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