Monday, January 4, 2010

Zoya's Herbal workshop:Almond & Apricot Scrub and Rose and Glycerin Facial Wash

Its 2010 already , i am getting older and supposed to be wise and taking care of myself including my skin , hair and weight,
i Failed to that last year badly , RESULT: dry,discolored, patchy,dull skin.
But i promised myself , this year is not gonna be like year.
i bought these two babies 2-3 days ago, they are herbal,local and so far im liking them.I am just writing  my initial views,if i have to i will write ful review after few weeks when i will be 100 percent sure if this product deserves it,

Almond & Apricot Scrub and Rose and Glycerin Facial Wash

Almond & Apricot Scrub

"It is a preparation for dull/dry and flaky skins. This combination consists of almond and rose oil, which helps in livening up and giving a new supple Perk to age tired, dull/dry skin and slowing down the aging process of the skin"
what i liked about it that it Leaves your face feeling fresh, soft skin after first use, smells wonderful, and very inexpensive plus point Beads are so little ,so i wont have to think of is trying to wash the product off my face and trying to NOT get it in your hair., and easy to wash off. i can actually feel the clean...its just that good

Facial Wash (Rose and Glycerin)

"It has been especially designed for the needs of extra dry, sensitive and age damaged sagging skins. This formula helps the skin in regaining the lost suppleness, radiance and wrinkle free look with the help of rose essential oil, the soothing ‘Rose Water’ and Glycerin, which has always been acceptable to dry and damaged skins. Scrubbing is not recommended for delicate and sensitive skins. "
This stuff smells really good ,  like dried roses, , and you can feel it cleaning your skin

Introduction to Zoya's herbal workshop 
 (taken from their website)
At The Herbal Workshop, we are ordinary people working harder each day for a better tomorrow. We care about your skin, hair and the environment. All our products are based on herbs, roots, vegetables and fruits. Thess suit all, young, old, male and female.
Herbal Ingredients
All our products are based on herbal extracts and natural oils which are brought to you in a modem presentation. All our preparations are environment friendly and biologically compatible.


  1. Hello! Happy New Year! Last year I started eating healthier but this year I want to take it further, some I'm with you on this one!
    The scrub looks great, almond is a fantastic ingredient. The wash sounds nice too, rose is supposed to really help dry skin!

  2. happy new Year to you too marca , i loved the fach wash , it smells so beautiful and almond scrub makes my skin so soft :)


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥