Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday's Mail: Sassy Minerals

I really liked Sassy Minerals! They answer to the emails, send products quickly , I was more than happy to receive their samples for a review , my order was dispatched on Jan 23 and i received it on Jan 30 ,keeping in mind the distance of both countries , its super fast.Sassy ship to many countries including the Pakistan.
 My order arrived in a bubble mailer.  Inside the little jars where all in a little produce type net tied with a ribbon.  
with a handwritten thank you note(sweet isn't it?) 

I am so glad i mean its so nice that they come in a jar! i hate the little baggies*No offense*. There seems to be about 1/8tsp in each jar, seems pretty good amount for samples

(taken indoors)


( ofcourse taken outdoors *Duh*)

1-Neutral Medium first base foundation
2-Curiosity blush
3-first base Sassy Flash Finish Medium
4-first base Sassy Finisher Medium
5-Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Liner Galaxy
6-Eye Candy Shimmers Ruby slippers
7-Sassy Minerals Pigment Lyrical
8-Eye Candy Shimmers Practically Perfect
9-Eye Candy Shimmers Fierce
10-Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Liner Gasoline Rainbow
11-Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Liner  Sorceress
12-Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Shimmer dance in the rain
13- Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Liner exile 
14-Eye Candy Shimmers after party
                                 15-Eye Candy Shimmers  forget about it

They all look so shimmery and gorgeous, and very pigmented.My first impression was that their colours seem a bit dull and boring on the website. When in reality they're so rich and vibrant! 

i can not wait to swatch and try them so i am off now my lovlies


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