Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Babies - MAC lipsticks haul & Swatches

(New pic)

I was a M.A.C virgin until yesterday  , until i held these three babies in my hands.

Here i proudly present you my M.A.C lipsticks in


MAC Cremesheen Lipstick - Party Line

MAC Luster Lipstick - Lovelorn

MAC satin Lipstick Myth

(Old Crappy swatches)

(Less Crappy New Swatches)

i wanted to buy angel but when i held it in my hands , is seriously didn't feel anything, no spark ,nada so i passed it

I am loving all three of these three beauties equally , they smell amaazzinnggg, and Now i know what i was missing.

okay enough of blogging now i am signing off so i can sit and stare at them for hour AGAIN



  1. Congrats on your purchases babes x.

  2. MAC virgin ;) choice would be "party line"

    am i hallucinating or is that shimmer in the lipstick? yeah, they do smell like vanilla, blame the ingredients ;) body shop lipstick smell the same, by the way!

  3. @ raspcherry

    Thanks girl. xx


    No they don't have any shimmer , I was testing few new glosses so I believe they picked up shimmer from there.. Now I have to check them ..u made me suspicious :/

  4. congratulations!!
    i' still a mac virgin :(
    i love the look of myth..if i really isntshimmer lol

  5. Desigirl87 myth is my fav too, its not shimmery at all, its matt, creamy and OH-SO-NUDE.
    Infact I m gonna upload new swatch pic wic is gonna be less crappy :D

  6. wowwww very nice colors.
    plzz tell me their prize????


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥