Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Korres Lip Butter Pomegranate Review , Swatch and Pictures

Ever since i read Sarah Smith's post on korres Lip butter in jasmine ,

you can read the review here on Sarah's Blog.
i have been oohhhing and aahhing to get one of my own,I was introduced to Korres line this summer and they are starting to become one of my favorite makeup line ( although its sad its not yet available in my country so i have to order online). One of their most popular product is their Lip Butter and Nothing shall stop a makeup addict
I wanted to buy ALL OF THEM ,They come in 7 different colors: Quince, Wild Rose, Plum, Pomegranate, Jasmine, Guava, and Mango.(as i know now)
but told myself to calm down , and pick one. i Chose pomegranate ( i love the fresh pomegranate juice and the color :D)

""For conditioned, protected lips try Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter, the intense moisture and subtle tint will leave your lips feeling and looking truly kissable!
The shea butter and rice wax in Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter provide your lips with deep, long-lasting moisture and protection from the elements, leaving you with perfectly soft and conditioned lips that are good enough to kiss!
Pomegranate is a burnt pink shade which leaves a subtle shiny tint on your lips.""
If your lips are flakey, be sure to exfoliate your lips thoroughly before applying this lip butter.

What i loved about korres lip butter is that it doesn't have the waxy feeling,
It  made my lips so soft and i couldn't stop rubbing my lips together
This lip butter does have a tint and fruity taste which I don’t mind in fact i loveeeee it..Really addictive  , but, if not to your liking , think its moisturizing effects are still worthwhile.


  1. I love the color, really like strawberry! ^^ I think I'll have to start googling for Korres line now, hehe.. ^^

  2. I took pic with my nokia n 95 so i didnt do justice to the actual color, its sooo pretty. its sad that korres isnt avaialble here otherwise i would have bought many things, i have heard only good things about it.xx
    thanks for commenting :)

  3. ooh i want a korres lip butter even more now!!
    where did you buy it from?

  4. i got it through its delicious

  5. I have heard a lot about Korres now but we don't get it here in India. May be I can try buying it online. Pomegranate butter sounds tempting. :P

  6. thanks rati for commenting :) korres isnt availble here as well, i ordered it online and chose delivery address of my cousin in uk, although asos do deliever here but why pay 10 quids. maybe i will when my order is huge. Try . i have seen it there too.

  7. Hey, just stumbled onto your blog. I am dying to get this stuff - looks so pretty!

  8. Welcome abroad itsybitsyknitsy.(Lol its a cute nick) ,korres lip butter is marvelous, makes my lipss soooo soft.highy recommended :)))

  9. this is on my 2010 wishlist! great review :)

  10. hi sarah<3 i just love your blog...its a complete tutorial n products reviewal guide for us...Sabeen here from Sukkur...i just appreciate u alot for making such efforts...need ur guidance & help yaar!!!

  11. @IMo
    do let me know how did you find it :)

    thank you sab, it means a lot to me if you feel my reviews are helpful. really sukker? so we dont live so far away frm each other :)
    need my guidance..? feel free to email me anytime its


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥