Sunday, January 10, 2010

Himalaya Herbals : Nourishing Skin Care

Indian skin care products fascinates me. Especially their herbal/ ayurvadic products. We have indian mithaees (sweets) from haldi raam ,kajal by shehnaz husain , their biscuits available in different store( biscuits reminds me I have to try their butter kajju biscuits ) , I always wanna go shopping in india.*sighs*
anyhoo I went to my favorite departmental store last week and I saw they had few of Himalaya herbal products available, I was really interested in trying their hair care but instead this little jar grabbed my attention Himalayas nourishing skin care all day moisturizing cream. I bought 50ml jar, its available in bigger jar as well, wonder if it comes in those small travel size sample mini jars like nivea??

It says "A light and non greasy daily use cream ,to keep your skin healthy and supple,"
It contains aloe vera , Indian kino tree ,winter cherry and few other .
Aloe vera nourishes and moisturises ,
Winter cherry and kino tree protects skim from pollution and dry weather.
Directions for Use: Massage Nourishing Skin Cream gently all over the body any part of the day. Suitable for all skin types

Okay so I really liked the light non greasy feeling and smell. Smell is light and later vanishes after few minutes of applying cream. Its not thick so little dab of cream will spread pretty good, and moisture BUT yes there's a downside , its so light and non greasy that in this cold ,dry weather I had to reapply at least twice on my hands.
I honestly liked it , maybe I will prefer using it in summer , when I need minimal moisturizing, but again I have a dry skin I always need extra creamy creams. If you have normal skin give it a try .It might not disappoint you.
Next on my list is kajal by famous Indian beautician shehnaz ,only I wish we had lakme beauty products available here and yeah their vadilaal creams, their commercial is so cute


  1. yehh, i kinda dont like it wen products and moisturising enough,,
    but the i dont like it when they'retoo oily

  2. OH! I didn't know that Himalaya and HaldiRam are going places. I am yet to try any skin creams from Himalaya but as you said, I guess this would amke a great product for summers.

  3. I too prefer thicker cold creams for my dry skin during winters. Thin water based creams & lotions just don't cut it :D


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