Friday, January 15, 2010

Himalaya Herbal: Himalaya Neem face wash

Himalaya herbals purifying neem face wash, its for all skin types .its soap free ( you can also buy neem foam face wash,it comes in a dispenser styled bottle not jar ) .

Two main ingredients are neem and turmeric. This soap free daily use facial wash is ideal to cleanse and refresh your skin without over-drying,leaves your skin clear,soft and supple
Neem :well known for its anti bacterial properties,kill problem causing bacteria.
Turmeric : is effectively controls acne and pimples ,resulting a clear soft and refreshed skin
I bought this face wash in 150ml.
Its recommended to use with Himalayas herbal face moisturizing lotion

I gave this face wash to my sister and ask her to test it for me  as i knew that i would suit her normal to oily skin better  :)
so here are her thoughts after testing this facewash for like a month now.

Rub's thoughts on Himalaya Herbal: Purifying Neem Face Wash

I have been using Himalaya Neem face wash for about a 1 month now. Its a green colored gel which comes in a tube form. A small amount of gel (about pea sized ) is good enough to clean away all dirt and impurities from your face.
It has amazing effect on my complexion and helped me also deal with excessive oiliness and occasional pipmples.
I would recommend this face wash even to people who don't have blemishes or acne but have oily skin. This face wash maintains the oil balance of the skin as well
My rating for this product is 10 on 10.Im very happy with this product and will never ever think about any other face wash. It’s a perfect gift for my skin."

My sister is one happy customer of Himalaya Neem face wash now and i get credit for that, as
my utter fascination with herbal products is giving her some good ;)
So himalaya herbal has varirty of neem skin care products like Neem Face Pack , 

more Info on Himalaya Herbals Here

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  1. yes, it's nice. I have used it as well. :) I mainly use it in summers , it makes me feel fresh and nice. :)


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