Sunday, January 3, 2010

GNC: aloe vera skin Gel

If you read my previous posts then you must have known by now that i have ultra dry/sensitive skin
If you are reading my blog for first time ever well , you just got the idea.
Its very dry around the area of my cheeks and if i dont use anything instantly when i feel little dryness,
it gives me black patch/flaky skin and i cant even tell you guys how much i hate it,
Any hoo , im always in search of good moisturizer, so i have quite a lot now but most if them,
give my skin irritation, most of them end in my dust pin
I paid a visit to my local GNC last week and i got their GNC Aloe Vera Skin Gel

""GNC Aloe Vera Gel is a 99% Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera Sin Gel is a highly concentrated skin treatment containing 99% pure Aloe Vera gel. It is a Herbal, skin care Product. Aloe Vera has been shown to provide temporary relief of minor skin irritations such as sunburn and dry, chapped skin. It contains no oils only natural relief and is also an excellent skin moisturizer that leaves your skin soft, fresh and young looking. Aloe Vera has numerous benefits such as Acts as anti-inflammatory agent, Stimulates production of collagen & elastin, which are necessary to prevent aging, Muscle pains in joints due to arthritis can be alleviated by application of aloe vera and it is helpful in wounds also."

GNC Aloe Vera Skin Gel

Its now one of my absolute favorite ,it helps my  irritated red dry skin during the winter This gel comes in a 1.75 fluid ounce bottle and is very easy to travel with and it is filled with only the purest ingredients.
The gel isn't oily but a little sticky at first but  absorbs really quickly into your skin without leaving any kind of oily or sticky feeling behind which is really nice. The GNC Aloe Vera Skin Gel is made with only a few ingredients and they are pure aloe, glycerin, parabens, water, acrylates, cross polymer, triethanolamine, sorbate, fragrance, propylene glycol and diazolidinyl urea. Now these ingredients are what help soothe your skin with a cooling sensation, protect your skin and heal it.

I use this gel daily, great under eyes. In summer i will I put the tube in the refrigerator in warm weather for a cool, refreshing eye area soothing .


  1. hehe .. yeah aloevera gel works wonder for my skin too .. n I have oily skin !!
    I think its the calming properties of aloe !
    I have mine in a big jar .. my uncle deals with pure aloe .. so I get the best out of the bunch :D

    n yeah , its a new follower 8)
    will drop by yer blog often :))

  2. Thanks for following :) its so encouraging wen sum1 comments. xx. Yes i agree aloe really works wonder for skin. We even have aloe plants in our garden, but am too lazy to do any home remedy. I should start doing sum. xx

  3. I love ale vera gels. They are so cooling and refreshing.

    New follower here. Good to see you around. :)

  4. hi nice posts.aloe vera is product for every type of is a natural food flavoring and gives the result in few weeks. There is no side effects on any type skin aloe is a very highly effective in treating like pimples.I was used since last six months and give the results. so i am very happy to use this products.natural cosmetics

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  6. Clinical experiences indicate that application of a cooled dressing after facial or laser surgery helps reduce thermal inertia and results in less tissue damage.


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