Monday, January 18, 2010

ELF studio kabuki brush - Review

Like practically everyone stated....WOW!!!got the ELF Kabuki face brush as a gift when i won their 100 pound worth goodies on face book  

Packaging of the brush was nice, I would give 5.5 for tat , very professional and with  nice clean lines. I am a sucker for nice packaging.
I needed a kabuki brush to make it easier to apply my mineral foundation/ blushes  and i am glad i don't have to look any further or anywhere else

The size is perfect for your face , Picks up a lot of powder so I only have to dip it in the powder once.It gives great coverage for your mineral products on both your body and face.
This brush does it's job .The best thing I can say about this brush is that it makes application of all mineral products  MUCH less messy. I mostly use mineral blushes , and it feels like butter on my skin , its soft as silk.The bristles are really soft , i cant stop touching them . It's not dense but still well packed. Love the brush on the face because it's just so soft( did i tell you how soft this brush is???!!?)
I haven't noticed any shedding
(Google Image)

Definitely recommended for kabuki virgins, i am gladly announcing am not a Kabuki virgin anymore :D

It could be purchased online

I absolutely love it- No shedding, no dyes and no chemical smell.


  1. COngratuations Sarah. It's so cool that you won. COngratuations. I havenever ever won any contest. :P Hope I have some luck soon. :)

    I am also looking for a Kabuki Brush. We don't get Elf here in India so let's see what I find. :)

  2. ELF is such an afforable brand with sum really amazing stuff. I'm bac home so it was gud tat I got so many things as its not available here as well. Its super super soft.
    Good luck with the kabuki hunt. Do let me know wat you'll get. xx

  3. omg aint you so lucky to win all dat :D
    The brush seems so cute though :)

  4. omg!
    im so jealous!!
    wish i had won!!
    the kabuki brush will defo be in my next order! sold!

  5. Lol aw you girls :).. It was FIRST ever win for me . I was jumping up and down. God bless the floor though. Lol.
    Brush is worth buying infact all their brushes are worth buying if you aren't so mac or brand conscious . Kabuki is soo soft if am not even applyin my makeup , I keep brushing my face wit it. Crazy ? !! ;)i

  6. The brush is awesome!!!! This and the powder brush are my favorites!!! :)

  7. dont bother answering my earlier comment... i got it where you got the elf products from.. lucky you... ;)



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