Saturday, December 26, 2009

FIRST Mac Product... Help needed !!!!

Hello hello my lovelies,
I know i wasnt suppose to blog and enjoy my holidays but i needed a serious help or suggestion.. Am off to big city in few days and my sis to dubai, and i made me mind to purchase or ask my sister to buy me first mac product despite the fact i wanted to buy mac in london wit my man :-), i cant hold it anymore, lol
so all i want to know from all of you which "mac lipstick" do you recommend for medium dark skin, i have heard alot , i mean alot bout "angel " but i am bit hesitant regardin it being to pale on my skin. So pls suggest some, or any other products which you think is "must have" .
So i need helppp
Help me decide my girls


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bourjois Lipstick - Review & Swacthes

I love bourjois commercials , jus because the way they say bourjoius in the end of it,
it always make me smile and buy their products .
I already love their clubbing mascara , its fab so this time i bought two of their lipsticks
jus a quick post on swatches and pictures

i bought bourjois lovely rouge bijou rose eclat 19 which look bright in picture but in real a its lighter and full of shummer.. very light pretty shade
bourjois lovely brille in corail des mers 05 which is a A glossy lipstick

It's the perfect size to fit into any handbag, or maybe even a pocket, and it even has a Little mirror

You'll also find a silver circle with the Bourjois logo adorning the front of the cute lil lippy. In keeping with another important aspect of the Bourjois philosophy on make up - *COLOUR* - the lipstick is available in a wide range of shades

have you seen any of bourjois commercials?/ they are adorable but in French.
which  bourjois product you would recommend me to buy ?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Festive Tag

I have never done  this kind of  Tag post ever before( *no ever tags me*sum 1 hands me tissue please ) ,
I saw this on   shakespeareandstilettos  blog and thought it would be fun!

Favorite color:
so, purple,chocolate brown,emerld, turquoise , i like my life full of clors BUT it gotta be one so BLACK it is. ..Noo Wait Chocolate Brown..No Black.wat its Pink.

Face book?
My social Hub but its Boring now.

Favorite Christmas song?
umm.. I dont have any particular one but whenever  think of Christmas i cant stop humming George Michael - Last Christmas 

Last Christmas -Wham ! 
Christmas Tree - real or fake?
I like it Real.

Hottest Celebrity?
Its hard to pick ONE.. but since i started watchin " vampres dairy" i cant stop thinking about Ian Somerhalder. he is HOOTTTT* like paris hilton says it HOT*

 Favorite Restaurant?
  i love coffee tea and company (CTC) in laore , i have fod memores f this place with my girlfrnds

Favourite magazine?

I read a lot , almost everything , from fashion magazines to comics like i also read MAD , I LOVE READING COSMOPOLITAN  it gives strange facts and tips about Sex, love and relationships advice, plus must-have fashion trends ( budget beauty mostly). other than these i lovvve readn asian  bridal magazines like wedding ,t me and my wedding etc ( yes yes i like to plan my wedding *guilty*

Favourite holiday drink?

almont milkshake and coconut smootie 

Favourite Christmas movie?

Ever After  

I tag all of you! 


RIP: Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy was not one of the world's great actors. Nor, in recent years, was she even especially visible. But she was a performer of immense charm, with a knockout smile and a chuckling, bee-bop voice it was difficult not to be won over by.
Brittany Murphy dies of heart attack aged 32
Actor starred in 8 Mile and Clueless ,Uptown Girls, opposite child star Dakota Fanning.and had big parts in Sin City and Girl, Interrupted and My favorite movie of her ,
love and other disaster & Little Black Book

 May Her soul Rest I peace

Skin Care (with few desi home remedies)

PLEASE bear in mine that everyone has diff skin compositions and texture and severity of acne and hence one medication that works for a member would not work for u.home remedies do work but they take a long time .

Acne is a common skin disease characterized by pimples on the face, back and shoulders and caused by pores clogged by dead skin, oil and bacteria. When excess sebum combines with dead cells the skin tissue becomes inflamed and u get a pimple.

- Age : effect of sex hormones
- Cosmetics: make-up and hair spray's containing oil may aggravate acne
- Disease: usually hormonal imbalances
- Drugs: antibiotics, contraceptive pills
- Enviroment: when u're face is exposed to grease, smoke and polluted air
- Personal hygeine: strong soaps, picking at pimples and scrubbing often
- Hormonal changes: periods, menopause and pregnancy
- Stress: emotional stress can contribute to acne

If u have acne please make sure u do the following:

- Change u're pillowcase often
- Cure dandruff (if u have any)
- Wash u're face with a mild anti-bacterial facewash
- Keep u're hands/fingers away from u're face
- Use an astringent/toner to seal and close u're pores
- Use water-based facial products.
- Do not scrub if u have inflamed pimples/acne

Now we may take it from here...
Some days are a complete waste of make-up!

if the spots are on u're upper cheek area u may use equal portions of lemon juice and sugar-cane juice.. even tomato jice works however, this takes time to see results,

skin discoloration around the mouth area is very normal.. if it's really dark u shud show it to u're derm who may prescribe HQ gel that is actually a skin bleaching cream. If it's a mild case apply the red sandawood, wild turmeric and lemon juice remedy for sometime.

Also massage the area with Vitamin E oil, to distribute to melanin that's causing the pigmentation.

Haldi(turmeric) is an antiseptic and besan reduces the amount of oil produced "sebum" it's excess oil that attracts dust/dirt/grime and clogs pores which turn into nasty inflamed pimples

It's different for oily/dry and combination skin.. all skin-types shud cleanse everyday though and if u're exposed to dust and grime cleanse twice a day.

Every skin-type needs scrubbing and u may scrub 2-3 times a week, don't over-do and strip u're skin off natural oils.

Homemade masks for oily skins:

Neem paste + Mint paste, mix with lemon juice and apply
Cucumber juice + aloe vera
Oatmeal and milk

Homemade masks for dry skin:
Milk powder+ honey
Mashed banana + honey
Egg yolk and powdered milk

For combination skin:
Papaya pulp + Lemon juice
Milk powder + cucumber juice

Deep cleanse u're skin by steaming it and scrubbing it.. wash-off and apply u're toner (this helps seal u're pores) use a cleansing or massage cream (add a few drops of rosewater to make massaging easier) massage u're face till all the cream is absorbed and with damp cotton-wool wipe it off.

if you are getin a white head problem .,Whiteheads are hardened sebum (oil), grated potatoes or juice help reducing whiteheads and so does cornstarch and vinegar.. mix into equal quantities, leave it on for 10 mins and wash off,Whiteheads can't be removed with a blackhead remover strip... after the age of 25-26 u shud get regular facials..once a month to have u're face cleaned. I've given remedies above.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Purple Reign

This season’s purple palette is not just for your wardrobes. The A-list’s beauty bags are bursting with violets, lilacs and mauves too. See how they’re wearing the hottest hue to get inspiration for your beauty-full colour update.Here Thandie is wearing purple eyshadow that is so subtle it seems to illuminate her eyes.  Notice the rest of Thandie’s makeup is muted and soft, even her hair takes second place to the purple shadow.  Yet the whites of her eyes are just that — white, and her eyes do not look bruised.  This ladies is the way to wear purple.
you can try : 
Nars Duo Eye ShadowJolie Poupee
Try Dior Powder Mono Eyeshadow in Amber Plum

Barry M: Pearly Mauve (dd90)
Blue Violet (dd21)
Lilac (dd59)

Becca Cosmetics Jewel Dust, Erzulie (shimmering light violet)
L'Oreal Colour Appeal Holographic eyeshadow Ultra Violet
Clarins Mono Eyeshadow - 01 Vibrant Violet colour
Rimmel Special Eyes Passion Purple Eye Shadow

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Eye Liner (VIOLET IRRISI OR)
Givenchy Prisme Again! Eyeshadow Quartet (Purple Emotion )
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Flash

 Do you rock purple eyeshadow?  How do you wear it?  What’s your favorite brand?  Share! comment