Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rimmel Speed Dating!! Well worth a try - NOTD

I developed some soft heart for nail varnishes,i felt bad for ignoring this sector of cosmetics  so i purchased few  , and not  only the pretty soft colors , i got some bright ,funky colors, and i couldnt keep my hands off from posting  when i saw this beautiful color by Rimmel Lycra Wear Lasting Finish Nail Polish Speed Dating 331 in my collection , which i bought december 2008 (*blushes* i told you i dont use nail polised so often ) 
here i present you.!! Speed Dating (#331) ,! I'm really loving this color! It's not red, but not pink, I would say it's a raspberry-ish color with bit of shimmer.Its jus a pretty color on nails, in bottle it looks more like red.Overall color is gorgeous and i keep looking at my hands.

A nail paint With the shock-absorbent Xtra Life(TM) LYCRA(R), colour becomes unbelievably smooth, shiny and lasts up to 10 days."

price :£4.49  

They claim that it lasts ten days, well I have to disagree with that. I took it off after eight. I hardly ever use varnish on my nails as I find I usually mess it up after a few minutes.I don't know exactly why this is so much better than other brands and formulations but I have to give them thumbs up for making such a difference because they obviously do. I am always cleaning, washing my hands and messing about with something, which is why I don't find that nail varnish usually lasts, so if it works on me it will work on anyone!

It's Very easy to do.Also, it dries really fast. It does last quite well,apply the varnish by painting a strip in the middle of the nail and then two strips at either side,as I would with all nail varnishes, but I would recommend using a topcoat.

Rimmel is available at Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds pharmacy, Independent Chemists & selected grocery outlets throughout the UK.

Should you want to find out more about this or any other Rimmel product check out their website it is really helpful and they do have competitions like this a lot if you want to sign up, they also give away samples sometimes too. rimmel london

Another great product in many gorgeous shades by Rimmel London! Love the fact that it lasts quite long, but it does chip a bit - so that's a little drawback, but still - great value for the $ and a HUGE selection of wonderful colors to get - without having to worry about them all hurting the budget!


  1. I love Rimmel nail polishes! But based on the packaging of yours, I'm not familiar with this line of nail polishes.. I'll have to go check them out :)

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  3. i have crappy camera. i have uploaded a better pic at the top. the color is amazing, suppose these nail paints are earlier version on lycra pro


  4. http://www.rimmellondon.com/US/PRODUCTS/nails/product.aspx?id=275 here u go :)


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