Monday, December 21, 2009

Skin Care (with few desi home remedies)

PLEASE bear in mine that everyone has diff skin compositions and texture and severity of acne and hence one medication that works for a member would not work for u.home remedies do work but they take a long time .

Acne is a common skin disease characterized by pimples on the face, back and shoulders and caused by pores clogged by dead skin, oil and bacteria. When excess sebum combines with dead cells the skin tissue becomes inflamed and u get a pimple.

- Age : effect of sex hormones
- Cosmetics: make-up and hair spray's containing oil may aggravate acne
- Disease: usually hormonal imbalances
- Drugs: antibiotics, contraceptive pills
- Enviroment: when u're face is exposed to grease, smoke and polluted air
- Personal hygeine: strong soaps, picking at pimples and scrubbing often
- Hormonal changes: periods, menopause and pregnancy
- Stress: emotional stress can contribute to acne

If u have acne please make sure u do the following:

- Change u're pillowcase often
- Cure dandruff (if u have any)
- Wash u're face with a mild anti-bacterial facewash
- Keep u're hands/fingers away from u're face
- Use an astringent/toner to seal and close u're pores
- Use water-based facial products.
- Do not scrub if u have inflamed pimples/acne

Now we may take it from here...
Some days are a complete waste of make-up!

if the spots are on u're upper cheek area u may use equal portions of lemon juice and sugar-cane juice.. even tomato jice works however, this takes time to see results,

skin discoloration around the mouth area is very normal.. if it's really dark u shud show it to u're derm who may prescribe HQ gel that is actually a skin bleaching cream. If it's a mild case apply the red sandawood, wild turmeric and lemon juice remedy for sometime.

Also massage the area with Vitamin E oil, to distribute to melanin that's causing the pigmentation.

Haldi(turmeric) is an antiseptic and besan reduces the amount of oil produced "sebum" it's excess oil that attracts dust/dirt/grime and clogs pores which turn into nasty inflamed pimples

It's different for oily/dry and combination skin.. all skin-types shud cleanse everyday though and if u're exposed to dust and grime cleanse twice a day.

Every skin-type needs scrubbing and u may scrub 2-3 times a week, don't over-do and strip u're skin off natural oils.

Homemade masks for oily skins:

Neem paste + Mint paste, mix with lemon juice and apply
Cucumber juice + aloe vera
Oatmeal and milk

Homemade masks for dry skin:
Milk powder+ honey
Mashed banana + honey
Egg yolk and powdered milk

For combination skin:
Papaya pulp + Lemon juice
Milk powder + cucumber juice

Deep cleanse u're skin by steaming it and scrubbing it.. wash-off and apply u're toner (this helps seal u're pores) use a cleansing or massage cream (add a few drops of rosewater to make massaging easier) massage u're face till all the cream is absorbed and with damp cotton-wool wipe it off.

if you are getin a white head problem .,Whiteheads are hardened sebum (oil), grated potatoes or juice help reducing whiteheads and so does cornstarch and vinegar.. mix into equal quantities, leave it on for 10 mins and wash off,Whiteheads can't be removed with a blackhead remover strip... after the age of 25-26 u shud get regular facials..once a month to have u're face cleaned. I've given remedies above.



  1. Hey, have you guys seen this woman Rose Cole’s free sugar body scrub recipe? I made them for Christmas gifts and they were awesome! So easy to make.

  2. This free sugar scrub recipe looks so cute! Yum, chocolate! Has anyone tried this?

  3. This free sugar scrub recipe looks so cute! Yum, chocolate! Has anyone tried this?

  4. I think home remedies skin care products are the best I have ever used on my face and body.

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