Monday, December 21, 2009

Festive Tag

I have never done  this kind of  Tag post ever before( *no ever tags me*sum 1 hands me tissue please ) ,
I saw this on   shakespeareandstilettos  blog and thought it would be fun!

Favorite color:
so, purple,chocolate brown,emerld, turquoise , i like my life full of clors BUT it gotta be one so BLACK it is. ..Noo Wait Chocolate Brown..No Black.wat its Pink.

Face book?
My social Hub but its Boring now.

Favorite Christmas song?
umm.. I dont have any particular one but whenever  think of Christmas i cant stop humming George Michael - Last Christmas 

Last Christmas -Wham ! 
Christmas Tree - real or fake?
I like it Real.

Hottest Celebrity?
Its hard to pick ONE.. but since i started watchin " vampres dairy" i cant stop thinking about Ian Somerhalder. he is HOOTTTT* like paris hilton says it HOT*

 Favorite Restaurant?
  i love coffee tea and company (CTC) in laore , i have fod memores f this place with my girlfrnds

Favourite magazine?

I read a lot , almost everything , from fashion magazines to comics like i also read MAD , I LOVE READING COSMOPOLITAN  it gives strange facts and tips about Sex, love and relationships advice, plus must-have fashion trends ( budget beauty mostly). other than these i lovvve readn asian  bridal magazines like wedding ,t me and my wedding etc ( yes yes i like to plan my wedding *guilty*

Favourite holiday drink?

almont milkshake and coconut smootie 

Favourite Christmas movie?

Ever After  

I tag all of you! 


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