Thursday, December 31, 2009

EOTD Glitter me up!

Im celebrating new year with MY mom , at home watching fireworks on tv. But who says we cant celebrate in style ..HEHE.
i am wearing max factor's earth spirit eyeshadow in  lush lilac ,and i used olive silver green
glitter on top and lower lashline  swatch of glitter here , i used bourjois clubbing mascara.and i used a cream shadow for inner conner of eye which was a present from friend who brought it from Australia,
which i also used as base, its sticky and light pinkish.
i must say i loved max factor's es, they are quite pigment and look super good,


are you all glitter up for new year celebrations ?


  1. wow!
    stunning look!
    i love it!
    i was at home too.. :( lol

  2. U dont have 2 ask me coz I am always at home! Luk ravishing, doll :)

  3. thanks my lovlies, so did u do any special stay at home new year look or didnt? xx

  4. great look! i agree, i always dress up and make up when i'm home too! heheh

    happy new year!

  5. you should have entered ZOEELAS contest =]
    this look would have been perfect!!

  6. Best makeup is when am at home and i keep experimenting with stuff. My brother says am haunted by some ghost of makeup
    Thanks ladies for liking the look, i simply get inspiration from all you. Cant wait to get my new stuff and post more.

  7. Thanks kata. :) happy new year to you too. xx

  8. This eye look is gorgeous! Very New Year-ish :) love the sparkle.. I've never used MF es.
    Happy New Year to u

  9. great look! i agree, i always dress up and make up

    lise charmel


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥