Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bourjois Lipstick - Review & Swacthes

I love bourjois commercials , jus because the way they say bourjoius in the end of it,
it always make me smile and buy their products .
I already love their clubbing mascara , its fab so this time i bought two of their lipsticks
jus a quick post on swatches and pictures

i bought bourjois lovely rouge bijou rose eclat 19 which look bright in picture but in real a its lighter and full of shummer.. very light pretty shade
bourjois lovely brille in corail des mers 05 which is a A glossy lipstick

It's the perfect size to fit into any handbag, or maybe even a pocket, and it even has a Little mirror

You'll also find a silver circle with the Bourjois logo adorning the front of the cute lil lippy. In keeping with another important aspect of the Bourjois philosophy on make up - *COLOUR* - the lipstick is available in a wide range of shades

have you seen any of bourjois commercials?/ they are adorable but in French.
which  bourjois product you would recommend me to buy ?


  1. Hi sarah, this is my ? attempt to comment on ur blog! I am not sure if u can read this one at least! I left u so many msgs b4, trust me! I am divija, ur follower :) typical silly intro!

    if barbie is real, she wd definitely go 4 d pink one. i dont know how it luks in real, but! thnq for d post hun :)


  2. Hi divija , yeah pink is such a dolly barbie color, so pretty. Its look little less pink on my asian skin. Thanks for comment babe. Strange i never got any before :( i recently came to know tat my blog was havin comment issues. :( i wil definatly follow yours :-)

  3. thnq for following my blog and makin' my day better, doll :)

    glad u liked my review!

  4. Oh wow that rose eclat is so lovely. I've heard of this brand before but didn't know they made such great lipsticks. Looks like the color looks great after it's been swatched too!!

  5. Aw divija you are such a sweetiepie , you made me blush . After readin your blog i am 100% gonna get a balm.i have one but it smells so waxy lolx. I love reading your blog. Am such a newbie to this blog world..

    @geeky mac boy
    I loved both lipsticks. Although i havent wore any. Hehe Rose eclat is such a shimmery lipstick wit hint of pink. When i first saw it i thought it would be frosty but its not. Its glossy .

  6. Love ur Blog
    And how its designed=]

  7. Thank you for following me=]
    ill make more post to keep u interested=]
    have a merry Christmas and happy New years
    God bless



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