Sunday, August 28, 2016

15th Anniversary Collection By Kate - Rimmel London

Anniversary Collection: Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate

First introduced in 2011 to mark the 10th anniversary of Rimmel and Kate’s relationship, Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate was the model’s debut make-up line. Loved by Rimmel girls everywhere, it’s a global phenomenon with thousands of lipsticks sold over five years. Building on this success the anniversary collection stars four lust-worthy shades – two reds and two nudes - each inspired by a classic Kate look.

Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate
  • High-intensity colour formula infused with light-reflecting Black Diamonds.
  • Long-lasting colour - up to 8 hours wear.
  • Smooth, creamy texture for comfortable wear all day long.

  • #51 Muse Red 
  • #53 Retro Red 
  • #55 My Nude 
  • #56 Boho Nude

  • Muse Red #51 is a rich, head-turning crimson that evokes Kate’s effortless elegance on the red carpet. Kate comments: “When I’m going somewhere special, a bold red lip makes me feel ‘done’. I created Muse Red for that perfect blend of drama and sophistication.”

  • Exuding vintage glamour, Retro Red #53 is a sumptuous berry red that reflects the revamped ‘40s and ‘50s retro style that Kate adores.

  • Boho Nude #56 is a warm caramelised nude that complements Kate’s laid-back boho look. She says: “My secret to pared-back boho beauty is natural, earthy shades. I love how the caramel tones of Boho Nude lipstick warm my skin.”

  • Taking inspiration from Kate’s everyday street look, My Nude #55 is a beige nude shade for understated casual chic. Team with a blazer for a dash of Kate’s nonchalant cool.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hourglass Surreal Light Palette Holiday 2016

Hourglass Surreal Light Palette

Discover the most covetable Ambient® Light yet. Introducing Surreal Light - a sheer nude powder evoking the magic hour of perfect lighting where the sun brings the softest, most flattering glow to the complexion. 

These never-before-released shades of powder, bronzer, blushes and highlighter are available exclusively this holiday season.

Hourglass Surreal Light Ambient Lighting Edit for Holiday 2016

This limited edition palette contains:
• Ambient® Lighting Powder - Surreal Light (NEW)
• Ambient® Lighting Bronzer - Surreal Bronze Light (NEW)
• Ambient® Lighting Blush - Surreal Glow (NEW)
• Ambient® Lighting Blush - Surreal Effect (NEW)
• Ambient® Strobe Lighting Powder - Surreal Strobe Light (NEW)

*Designed to be used with the Ambient® Lighting Edit Brush.
 Availability - Coming soon , Join the waitlist today for the limited edition Ambient Lighting Edit in Surreal Light.

Huda Beauty Textured Shadow Palette -sneak peak

Huda Beauty Textured Shadow Palette

Huda Kattan –The world famous beauty blogger and entrepreneur , recently teased her follwers with a photo on her social media platforms.  

In her  picture, which she posted earlier yesterday, she wrote, “Finally here #HudaBeautyRoseGoldPalette #HudaBeautytexturedpalette launching mid September.”
Huda Beauty Textured Shadow Palette

 She also shared some product swatches. The shades are a beautiful mix of metallic ranging from bright gold to rich copper to and also includes two versions of shimmering rose gold.This palette was designed with textured pigments to give a 3-D look and intense payoff! The matte shades also have intense payoff as you can see from the swatch of Maneater on the bottom right! These shades are just absolutely gorgeous. Its a talc free palette .

I am so excited and i know i will try to get my hands on this beauty. What do you think ? 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Advanced Guide to Getting Great Skin Through Your Diet

We all know that having a good diet can affect our health in many ways. One of the most obvious ways is in how our skin looks. There are lots of ways of dealing with common skin complaints through changing your diet. Read on to find out what they are.



Skin naturally ages over time, losing its elasticity, plumpness and getting wrinkled. A common complaint from older women is that the skin hangs from their face in jowls or showing the skull underneath.  But there is a lot that we can do to minimize this problem. Look out for healthy unsaturated fats. You can find this in nuts, seeds, oily fish, and avocados. They act as both a skin moisturizer and plumper, so they will help your skin maintain its elasticity and fullness as you age.


Wrinkles are also associated with aging skin, and can be dealt with by a change in diet and behavior. Remember that any weather exposure that dries the skin can lead to wrinkles, so make sure you use an SPF while outside. Always use sunglasses in bright weather, if it's cold or hot, as squinting in the sun can cause you to to get wrinkles round the eye area. As for you diet, you should be adding in as much Beta Carotene possible. Raw fruit and veg contain this antioxidant, which prevents harmful free radicals being absorbed in your system.


There's a lot of debate around whether diet has a significant effect on acne. In the old days, we used to think its was caused by an unhealthy diet with too much chocolate and fats. While that sort of food is known to be bad for you, it has not explicitly shown to cause the development of acne. Of course, there are some healthy improvements that you can make to what you eat, to help you body fight the acne better. Food with selenium in can help acne sufferers so make sure you eat wholemeal bread, nuts, and seeds. If you feel you acne is out of control, you may wish to see a dermatologist as well as treating it yourself with a change of diet. If this applies to your learn more by clicking the link.

Dry skin

Whether it's the weather or you are just naturally prone to dry skin, it can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. There are lots of moisturizers on the market to help you improve the condition of your skin. But few people realize that it could be caused by an underlying nutritional deficiency that that could treat by changing their diet. Look for food that contains good oils or EFA, essential fatty acids. These work because the body can more readily recognize the molecular chain in EFA than in other fats so that it can digest them better.  That means that you body can access what it needs in a much easier way.


Surprisingly what your eat or in this case, what you drink can help you to deal with skin irritation and redness. Nettle tea is a great anti-inflammatory, as is green tea. If you are making your own, just remember to collect the nettles with gloves, or you could have an even more painful skin condition to deal with!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Ultimate Selfie - A How to Guide

Being able to get a good selfie is imperative these days. Between Instagram, Facebook, and blogging i take quite a few each week. I don't want to be putting bad photos of myself out there, and I'm sure you don't either. So follow my step by step guide to getting the ultimate self below.

Step 1 - Camera

Everybody takes selfies on their phone and of course, they come out great. You can add filters, crop the photos and even do special effects like face swap and face tune.


The problem is that most people look at their own selfies and then at pictures of celebrities and wonder why they don't look like that. Well, I’ll tell you. These celebrities have professional photographers taking their pictures for them for the most part. That is why they look so fantastic. The experts know all about lighting, the rule of thirds and angles to help the person in the shot get the best image possible. If you really want to take your selfies to the next level, why not take one of the many photography classes that are now available.

Step 2 - Outfit

The second phase of getting a brilliant selfie is to make sure you have on a flattering outfit. You need to pick a color that works well with your skin tone. Warmer skins should go for brights yellow, green and oranges, while cooler tone should opt for bold pinks and blues. If there is any part of your body that you are not super keen on make sure it is covered by your clothes for a more flattering look.

Step 3 - Angles

One of the most important things in getting a good self it is the angle of the camera. If you are taking a shot of the face make sure that you angle your down and your chin down. This helps the light to hits your cheek bones. Don't angle your head down too much because then you will look like you have a double chin! If you are taking a full body shot, stand angled sideways for a slimmer profile.

Step 4 - Lighting


Good light is essential for a selfie. If possible you want to use a natural light source, so go outside. It's best if the light illuminates you at the front. But be careful that this does not interfere with the camera shot. You don't want the light from behind you as this puts you in shadow and from the side can give you too much glare.

Step 5 - make up


Last but not least, great makeup can make or break a selfie. You know I am a big fan of makeup, especially eyeliner, and blush, so don't forget to do you face before you start posing. A matte lip cream like this one works well, as it won't reflect the flash of the camera. You can also shape your face with some contours and highlights for a dramatic look. Just make sure that you blend it all very well and cover with translucent matt power to set and get rid of shine.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Match the Colors and Style in Trend with Women Fashion Accessories

Colours have always played a major part in the world of fashion. Be it clothes or accessories, you will always be on point if you are wearing the right colours. Colours are worn in order to complement one’s body shape, personality, and mood and most importantly, weather. And if those colours are synonymous with the latest trend and style, then you have officially become the fashionista!

In Pakistan, there has been an increasing awareness of tasteful everyday fashion. Thanks to the big designers who have launched affordable luxury clothes and accessories for women. It’s they who have introduced trending colours from the New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks in their collection which in turn reflect in our everyday attire. So now colours in fashion are not only confined to western wear only.
Apart from clothing, women accessories have also taken a toll for the better. Pakistani Designers have introduced the concept of accessorizing with daily wear. These accessories have reflected in other big outlets as well, for instance Tesoro Accessories. as a solely women accessories brand, has always emphasized on offering the latest, upbeat trends of the season in women’s accessories, whether it’s in colour or in style. From bags, fashion jewelry to even women’s lingerie, we know fashion and we know what to offer you in the best way possible so that you are on point the whole year around and beyond!
In our women’s accessories collection you will definitely find something that is classic as well as those that are in trend with the current season.
In light of the latest trending colours of the Spring/ Summer season of 2016, let’s see what Turbooz has to offer in terms of colours and style for women.
There has been a whole palette of vibrant and fun colours which were displayed for this season. Among light shades, Rose Quartz was one of the favourites. It is basically a blend of light pink and rose colour. You can find this colour in earrings as well as in bags. This can be matched with lilac grey, serenity which is light blue and peach colour. Pair our Slim Ribbon Drop Earrings (Code 14013) with our Oversized Faceted Frame Sunglasses (Code 7489).
Green Flash was also the IT colour on the ramp. Despite its deep hue, the colour seems cool to the eyes. Yayvo offers you Green Leaf Zircon Earrings (Code 18170) are the perfect colour and a statement piece with a fancy outfit. Go for a lighter colour like Limpet Shell to accent those green earrings like our Sparkling Sequins Fancy Formal Clutch Bag (Code 8219) that will contrast perfectly well.
As there have been many shades of blue appearing this season, so we have various accessories which comes in these colours. Fancy Faux Leather Turquoise Alligator Cuff (Code 13587) and Linear Drop Earrings (Code 14214) are the perfect accessories to wear this season. These can be worn with grey, lemon lime, white and pink.
If you want to go all fiesta this season, our tangy red Clam Clutch (Code 10209) is the perfect answer for all your summery night out. Carry is Sizzling clutch with a Dusty Pink or Rose Quartz outfit.
If you are in the mood to go monochrome for an event then there are some perfect hues to flaunt other than white and black. Stay cool with an all-out Iced Coffee look. Our Short Blouse (Code 17072) is a perfect top for this summer. Pair it with our Handbag Bow (Code 8276) and a Yellow Check Straight Pants (Code 10162). Throw in our Gold Open Cuff Ring (Code 17918) and Sunglasses Matt Check Gold (Code 14290). Other than Iced Coffee, Mossy Green is also a refreshing colour to go monochrome in.
So whenever you decide to come to the Tesoro outlet next, you don’t need to waste time looking through items and be undecided, with this article you are set to rock the latest trends in no time. In order to make things even better and convenient, you can always shop for women’s accessories, their online store, from where you will find everything you are looking for!