Monday, May 9, 2016

Beach Body SOS! How To Look Like A Celebrity On Holiday

If you’re preparing to jet off on holiday, you’re probably excited. But you may also be feeling slightly apprehensive about stripping down to your swimwear. If you’re eager to impress this summer and channel your favourite celebrities, here are some tips to get your body beach-ready.

No pain, no gain!
If you’re an avid follower of the stars on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that most have rigorous training regimes. Even celebrities blessed with fabulous genes put in the effort in the gym. If you’re desperate to look great on the beach, follow in their footsteps and get active. Join the gym or start running after work each day. Try to combine cardio workouts with light strength training to tone and define your muscles. High-intensity interval training is popular with A-listers. You can achieve a lot in a short space of time, so it’s fantastic for those on the go. If you’ve never really exercised before, it may be worth signing up for some personal training sessions. An experienced trainer will help you to build up your strength and stamina gradually and target specific problems. If you’re eager to tone up your tummy, or add definition to your arms, for example, they can tailor your training plan.

Holiday diets
Most of us like to lose a little weight before we go on holiday. The best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis. Many celebs favour fad diets, such as juicing or cutting out carbohydrates. While this can be an effective way of losing weight quickly, it’s not usually sustainable. You may find that you crave the foods you’ve cut out, and you’re likely to put weight on again once you’ve finished your diet. Instead, adopt a healthy eating plan and stick to it. If you’re used to eating fast food, switching your diet will have incredible long-term benefits for your health and body image.

Try and reduce the amount of alcohol and fizzy drinks you consume. You may be surprised how many calories are in your favourite drinks. A glass of wine, for example, contains the same number of calories as a piece of Madeira cake. If you do fancy a drink at the weekend, go for a single measure of vodka or rum with diet mixer.

Cosmetic treatments
It’s no secret that many celebrities have had surgery and cosmetic treatments to enhance their looks. If you long for bigger boobs or leaner thighs, cosmetic surgery may be a solution. If you’re contemplating plastic surgery, do some research and find out as much as you can. Look for reputable surgeons in your area and book some consultations. Your surgeon will be able to go through the ins and outs of treatment with you. Once you have all the relevant information, you can then make a decision.

If you’re panicking about your beach body, take inspiration from your favourite stars. Eat well and train hard. Try and be as confident as possible and don’t be too hard on yourself. If you have problem areas that you want to address, surgery may be an option. But make sure that it’s something you want to do. Not all of us are blessed with flawless figures and sometimes, it’s best to embrace your imperfections.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to move on after the death of a family member

Dealing with death can be very traumatic and heartbreaking, especially when it is a member of your close family. It feels like you world is ending, and it can be hard to move on. But life has to carry on; here are the best ways you can keep going after the death of your loved one.

                Image by Guilherme Yagui

Arrange a funeral

Life tends to be put on hold till the funeral of your family member. A top way to move on is to help arrange the funeral. It’s a great way of ensuring everything is perfect for the person who has passed away. If the next of kin is arranging it, talk to them about how you can help with the day. Perhaps you could arrange the catering, or sort out some songs for the church. Anyway, you can help will make you feel that you did the person justice, and ultimately will help you move on after their death.

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Deal with the ashes

It can be very hard to move on with your life until you have sorted out the ashes. If they are on the side, and nothing has been done with them, it will make you constantly remember the death. Arrange for your family to meet to discuss where you should go to scatter them. Hopefully, you will be able to figure out a favorite place where you can do it. Understandably, it can be hard to let go. You could keep some ashes back and contact a company such as Heart in Diamond who will create a diamond with some of the ashes. Then you can always have part of them with you.

Talk about the person

A lot of people try and ignore the subject of the individual who has passed away as it’s too painful. But to truly move on, you need to talk about the person regularly. Remembering them is good pain relief, and will allow you to think about what a great life they had. If your children want to talk about them, let them do so. Holding emotion in is never a good thing.

Spend time with other family members

Another top way to try and move on with your life is to spend time with other family members. Remember you are not alone in your grief; the best way to deal with it is to chat with your loved ones. Arrange a day out altogether or even a dinner around yours where you can spend time together.

                Image from flickr

Go to a support group

Some people find it very hard to move on with their lives, and speaking to family and friends is not enough. It might be time to go to a support group where you will be able to talk to a professional about your feelings. You can get support from others who are going through the same thing. If necessary, they might refer you to see a counselor so you can get one to one care.

To move on from the death of your loved one, you should try and lead as normal as life as possible. You will be surprised to find it will slowly get easier. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Coachella Hair Styles To Master For Festival Season

The endless Instagram shots of Coachella have got us all thinking about festival fashion and hairstyles. If you’ve been inspired to try out new looks by the likes of Taylor, Kendall and Kylie, here are some of the best trends to try this festival season.

The braided parting
Boho beauty Kate Bosworth hit the headlines at this year’s Coachella with a cool and quirky braided centre parting. If you have fine hair and you find other braided styles tricky, this could be the perfect style for you. To recreate Kate’s look, take a small section of hair just next to your parting and start braiding. Pin the braid securely and create a messy bun. Let the rest of your layers hang free. Team with a white cotton sun dress and well-worn ankle boots, or a printed bardot top and ripped denim shorts.

The dye job
Colour was big business at this year’s festival, with all kinds of shades on show. If you’re eager to channel the swinging 60’s and stand out from the crowd, consider tie-dye. Channel Kylie Jenner with pastel shades. If you’re not brave enough to dye your hair, you can try temporary sprays.

Textured waves
Nothing screams festival chic like relaxed, textured waves. Think beach vibes and bed head, rather than perfectly manicured ringlets. Recreate Alessandra Ambrosio’s low maintenance curls with a blowdry at a salon like Heat Lounge. Alternatively, wash your hair and plait it while it’s still damp the night before and spritz some sea salt spray. Pair with a suede skirt, a gypsy top and sandals for a chic desert look. Finish off with shades and a fringed bag

The new pigtails
Most of us think about our school years when pigtails come up in conversation, but thanks to Kendall Jenner, pigtails are back. This season it’s all about messy miniature buns and loose feathering around the face. This easy style is ideal for a 2 or 3-day festival. Spray some dry shampoo to keep your hair grease-free, and give your locks more texture.

Scruffy volume
In the warmer months, you can let your locks run free, especially at a festival. Avoid spending hours straightening and styling. Go for volume with a blowout, or follow in the footsteps of Laura Whitmore, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller and go for the ‘just got out of bed look’. This style works incredibly with laidback festival fashion and it takes no time at all. When you get up, toss your hair back and add some texture spray. Use your fingers to create volume at the roots and leave the ends. Add a beaded hair crown and some aviators for the ultimate in easy chic.

If you love flicking through photos of events like Coachella, take inspiration from the A-listers and try out some styles at home. There’s something to suit everyone and you don’t need to be a hairdressing maestro to succeed. If you need help, there are hundreds of video tutorials you can follow online.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Want A Stress Free Travel Experience? Read This!

If you’ve travelled in the past, you might not think that there is such a thing as a stress free travel experience. However, we’re here to tell you that there is. You don’t have to stress out about going somewhere new if you don’t want to. This post will help you to have a stress free experience:

Control Your Own Emotions

Know that when you’re stressing, it’s because you’re letting yourself stress. You can only feel the emotions you want to let yourself feel. In some ways it can be unhealthy to suppress your emotions, but in others, you can control them and you choose not to. If something has happened that you can’t control, then there’s no point stressing out over it. The more clear headed and calm you stay, the better equipped you’ll be to come up with a solution.

Create A Schedule Beforehand

Instead of going travelling with no plans like many do, create a schedule beforehand. Put in some things you know you want to do so you have a little structure to your days. You won’t have to do all of the research once you arrive at your destination this way.

Travel With A Reliable Company

Research companies to make sure you’re travelling with a reliable place. There are many transportation options, but you want to make sure you get great customer service.


Leave Yourself Enough Free Time

Although creating a schedule can help, make sure you leave yourself enough free time to do what you want to do too. You’ll likely find some things you want to do when you arrive, so it’ll help to be flexible. Even if you just want to relax for a day.

Take A Translation Book Or App

If you’re heading somewhere that speaks a different language, take a translation book or app to help you get by. If you can learn a few different phrases before you arrive, then do so. It’s good to look like you’ve at least made an effort.


Write Down Important Numbers

Write down any important numbers you might need, just incase. You never know what will happen, so note them down and put them somewhere safe.

Keep Valuables Safe

Keep your valuables safe. This might mean hiring a safe, or keeping them on you in a secret pocket. Some people like to take extra precautions, such as taking an extra wallet out with them in case of a mugging. Travel insurance is a must too.

Make Copies Of Documents

Make copies of important documents and keep them somewhere safe too. You can never be too careful!


Find A Way To Stay In Touch

Find a way to stay in touch with the people you are travelling with, or the people back home. They will want to know you are safe, and they can raise the alarm if they don’t hear from you. You might download Skype or buy a foreign phone to stay in touch.

You can definitely minimize your stress if you plan ahead and use some of the tips in this guide. Ultimately, how much you stress depends on how much you let yourself stress. Try to enjoy each moment of your travels and you’ll have a much better time.

Spring Beauty Trend Revealed: Welcome To The 90's

If you’re a big fan of Kate Moss, or you’re bored of sticking to a rigorous makeup application routine in the morning, spring brings good news. This season, the catwalks are all about daring to bare all. The fresh-faced 90’s are back. With these tips, you can achieve beautiful glowing skin and a barely there look, which will enhance your natural beauty.

Skin care
To nail the natural look, it’s important to invest time and effort in your skin. Ideally, you should already have a skin care routine in place. This should involve regular cleansing, toning and moisturising. If you don’t have a regimented skin care regime, now is the time to adopt one.

Most experts recommend cleansing the skin twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. Never sleep in your makeup, as it clogs your pores and may increase the risk of breakouts. You can use all kinds of different cleansing products, including face washes and scrubs, wipes and lotions. Look for cleansers, which suit your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, opt for non-perfumed products. After cleansing, apply a toner and then moisturise. You may also wish to use a serum at night. Exfoliate once a week using a scrub or a face mask.

Your diet can also have major benefits for your skin. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and always try and hit your 5-a-day target. Nuts, oily fish and olive oil are also very good for your skin and hair.

Getting the 90’s look
Spring is an ideal time to try out fresh-faced beauty looks. This season’s throwback to the 90’s is all about subtle shimmer and understated glamour. Think minimal effort on the eyes and lips and glowing skin.

To get this look, it’s essential to choose the right foundation, concealer and highlighter. If you want to add a bit of colour to your cheeks with the summer approaching, you may also wish to add a bronzer to your tool kit.

Start by applying a primer to your skin. Primers even out the surface of the skin to provide a better canvas for your foundation. If you have dry skin, use a nourishing primer. If you have oily skin, make sure you choose an oil-free product.

When your primer has soaked into your skin, you can start layering your foundation. There are hundreds of different products to choose from, and the search for the perfect foundation often involves trial and error. For barely there beauty, choose a light liquid or a mineral powder. Start with a couple of drops and blend completely, before you start adding more. Use a brush, your fingers or a sponge. If you have imperfections, such as spots, add a small blob of concealer over your foundation to provide extra coverage.

Once your foundation is in place, use a highlighter to define your features. Dot over brow bones, and cheekbones and apply a small amount under the eyes. Use a nude lip gloss to create the perfect pout. Slick on a layer of mascara, and apply a subtle blush or bronzer to the apples of your cheeks. Make sure everything is blended well and you’re good to go!

How to find the right products
If you visit a store or browse online, the number of products on offer can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to start. Although reviews can be helpful, what suits one person’s skin tone and type may be unsuitable for others. The best thing to do is visit a department store and have a look around. Try out some products and ask for recommendations based on your skin type, your complexion and the kinds of looks you want to recreate at home. Book some makeup lessons, or arrange to have a makeover while you’re at the store. See which products suit you and don’t feel pressured into buying anything you don’t like. It’s also a good idea to take samples home with you. If you’re testing foundation, apply a tiny amount of product to your wrist or your jaw line. Make sure you look for color matches in natural light.

Once you’ve revamped your makeup bag, look out for tips and tricks to help you perfect the application process online. You’ll find all kinds of images and video tutorials. Practice the looks you love, and you’ll be able to recreate them perfectly in no time at all.

When the warmer weather arrives, it’s refreshing to let your skin glow and your natural beauty shine through. This spring, embrace your inner Kate Moss and travel back in time to a land before contouring and heavy brows. Focus on looking after your skin and learn how to create a beautiful, natural look with minimal effort.

The Top 7 Things Couples Argue About!

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Once you have been together awhile, it’s normal for a couple to start arguing over little things. It can be fiery and can often lead to some couples breaking up. Here are the top six things couples argue about!


Money is one of the leading causes of arguments between couples. It could be that one of you has spent too much on belongings they don’t need. Or it could be arguing over who should be paying the bills. As it says here, almost a third of adults said money is the top conflict between them both. If you are living together, you should have in place a list of who is paying what during the month ahead.


It’s important that you continue to have separate hobbies. But some hobbies and interests can cause huge arguments between a couple. The best thing is to understand they might not like it too. And keep a balance between your favorite hobby and spending time with your other half.


Getting on with your in-laws can be hard, and can cause massive issues with couples. Some parents might not like the fact you are together. The best thing to do is to try and get to know them. Hopefully, they will see how much you love each other. Try and spend time with each others family so they can get to know you properly.


It can be hard for friends to understand they will see less of their friend when they get a partner. Spending too much time with friends can cause arguments between the couple. Try and encourage them to split their time between you and their friends. Also, make an effort to get to know each set of friends, as they are an important part of your lives.


Being messy is one of the main reasons couples end up arguing. They often end up falling out if one partner leaves belongings on the floor. or the traditional one; leaving the toilet seat up! Try to decide who should do what in the house, and then the rows will be kept to a minimum.

Fixing/building items

If you buy something new for your home, huge arguments can happen when you are trying to build it. Try and follow the instructions or even watch unboxing videos to help you both do it quickly. Also, when something breaks, it can be a nightmare trying to fix it. Try and take a breath and leave the room if you feel you will start arguing over it.

The future

A lot of us begin to wonder when our partner will commit to us with a gorgeous engagement ring. But if it doesn’t happen, it can cause huge arguments between you both. Be honest with each other about where you see yourself going in the future. Also, if you want kids, it’s best to talk about it before you get serious. It will tear you apart if one of you doesn’t.

Try and talk about the issues between you both before you end up breaking up.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Secrets To Flawless Makeup

Have you ever trawled through photos on Instagram and wondered how on earth models and celebrities achieve such flawless skin? Of course, a good filter helps, but these makeup secrets may be just what you’ve been looking for. We’re not all lucky enough to have a glam squad on hand, but with these handy tips, you won’t need one. You’ll have nailed the barely there look in no time.

Lay the foundations
Just like when you build a house, it’s impossible to create a masterpiece with shaky foundations. With your skin, it’s essential to place your makeup on a strong, even base. Start your day by cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Let your lotion soak in before you start applying your makeup.

Once your skin is clean, fresh and nourished, start your routine with a primer. Primers create a level surface for your foundation. They can also help to keep your makeup in place for longer. You will only need a small amount of primer.

Find the perfect foundation
There are hundreds of different brands and shades of foundation out there, and finding the perfect one can be tricky. Often, it takes us a few trial runs to find the ultimate product. Choose a shade, which complements your natural skin tone and type. If you have very dry skin, it’s usually best to go for liquids. If you have oily skin, a powder product may be better.

When applying foundation, use a sponge, brush or your fingers. Start with a small amount of product, and blend as you go. Gradually build up to the level of coverage you desire. Always make sure you rub in all the product. If you’ve put too much on, gently dab the excess with your sponge, or a damp cotton bud.

Define your features

Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, rather than making you look completely different. Use bronzer and highlighter to bring out your cheekbones and define your jawline and brow bones. Add some bronze or blush to add colour to your cheeks, and mascara to lengthen your lashes. For an understated daytime look, this is all you need. For a more dramatic evening look, add eyeshadow and liner, or a statement lip.

To finish
Many of us will be familiar with the perennial makeup dilemmas of shine and flaking. If you’re battling the elements, or you’re in a hot office with bright lights, use a light dusting of Banana Powder to finish. This will set your makeup and help it to stay put. Carry some sample-size products in your bag with you to top-up throughout the day if needed.

Like most things in life, it requires practice to perfect your makeup application techniques. You may not get that flawless look the first time you try, but the more you practice, the easier it will become. Look out for step by step guides in beauty magazines, or watch online video tutorials if you get stuck. You can also read reviews online if you need product recommendations. 
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